Allergy Testing

I’ve been super stressed out trying to get caught up in school, and getting off of the beginner sheet at Cosmetology. I also have been having a lot of health issues which sucks like crazy. My doctor had me go in for allergy testing; so they gave me a list of stuff i couldn’t take … More Allergy Testing

New Relationships

A little over two weeks ago Salem became my boyfriend. We hang out at least once a week and I really like him he definitely is one of my best friends now. He treats me better than I’ve ever been treated by a guy. I’m a little hesitant in this since I haven’t really had … More New Relationships


Dad bombarded me with questions about Theo and why Theo doesn’t like him. He started naming out all sorts of assumptions and accusations; “He must be on drugs.” “Did his friends hack his facebook?” “Your mother must have said bad things about me” “Or he just hates me for no reason”. I just wanted him … More 8-11-17


Today I woke up and began cleaning so my room would be clean when Poppy came over. I got it about half way clean and then I hopped in the shower. Beatrix texted me asking me to work so I picked up Poppy and took her with me to work. Poppy decided she wanted Georgie … More 7/14/16

April 28, 2014

Today Sophia was supposed to come pick me and Theo up to go hot-tubing; so I texted her asking her what the plan was. She texted me back saying that the pool was closed, after I gave her a short response she called me. She said “How about we hangout Thursday. We can watch movies … More April 28, 2014

Clean Up

I recently started cleaning out my room and found a bunch of “journals”. I was never good at keeping a journal so they have a few pages of writing and then the rest is empty. I will probably post some of the entry’s although I don’t think the same way I did at the time … More Clean Up


Do you ever feel extreme claustrophobia by being around certain people? Your emotional state just changes when you’re around them.  I’ve known Kayla since second grade, but i never liked being friends with her. Honestly I never thought I would see her again since we go to differently schools; however we do go to the … More Dating

School Started

For me it’s hard to just sit down and write about my day, I love having this outlet however it’s not easy to keep up. Anyway I’ve actually been having a very good time recently, I have a crazy schedule but so far its been pretty easy.  I start my day at our local seminary … More School Started