8/17/2015 12:50 a.m.

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up as if it were any other day I acted like it wasn’t my birthday. It was an okay day, We went to Starbucks and decided we were staying another day. Deb got sad she misses josh I took her into the bathroom and talked to her, she really isn’t healthy…..I told her what I could without her hating me. I don’t like josh and have voiced that opinion many times before Deb got mad at me and freaked out…it hurt…..But that was a different day. In the morning Theo said he wanted to go skating and soon after Deb said she was meeting up with some friends. Tears came to my eyes. Although no one noticed I extremely hated what was going on. I don’t really cherish birthdays and i don’t expect the day to be about me, I just want to be with my family and enjoy there company as if everything wasn’t hurting me. After Deb drama at starbucks we went back to Sophia’s place and watched t.v. for a while then we went to best buy to get my laptop. We picked out a really good one and headed to Olive Garden for dinner; Deb, Malcolm and Scarlett met me, Theo, Sophia and Dad there. I was so happy Malcolm came with us even if it was only to see Dad I was glad I got to spend the evening with them. Post dinner activity was rollerblading at the fun park. It was fun Jeff helped me skate and me and Deb bladed around a lot together. Me and Deb started talking which is always something I usually don’t like to talk about that comes up, this time it was about Jo……I spilled my guts to Deb but i’m sure she has already forgotten……When we got to Sophia’s place me and Deb borrowed her jeep and drove to Garland. I went and talked to Georgina and that was the highlight of my day. Deb had me go with her to a fire at her friends cousin’s place.It sucked she left me alone with people I didn’t know, while she ran off with her friend maddie. I spent my birthday doing whatever Deb wanted, just like always.


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