More About Me

I’m going to share some stuff that is relevant to what I will be posting; stuff that people close to me know.

First I will tell about my assaults, when I was 5 I got molested by brothers friend. I’m not going to tell the story, because I rather not talk about it in detail. At the age of 13 I met my mom’s cousin’s adopted son Phil. Phil bought me clothes and food, and then touched me where he shouldn’t. He also did this to Deb which she blamed me for. Last one happened when i was 15 it was Theo’s friend this time. We were all watching a movie and the guy started groping me and when Theo left the room he forcibly kissed me. Thankfully after that Theo didn’t hangout with him much (I didn’t tell Theo what had happened though).

Second my old best friend Rosa’s sister Jo passed away in 2014 on halloween. I was close with Rosa’s family and this was a very hard time for me.

Third Rosa and Georgina were both my best friend at some point, and both treated me like crap. If you read my poetry page a lot are about them or my siblings.


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