Georgina (Part 2)

If you have read my other post, you should know that Georgi isn’t the best friend. Well at a recent church event I was supposed to talk about something and had prepared a short little talk, however when I got there I found out they had given my talk to someone else. This really sucked they even asked to me speak on something else when obviously I couldn’t prepare for it. I’m going to write this out as simply as I can.

1: I show up at the church

2: I’m asked if I am prepared; I say yes

3: They tell me that someone else is speaking on what I had prepared

4: I’m also informed I was written down for something completely different

5: I am then asked to switch topics and give a quick speech about it

6: I say I will read the topic and can not talk about it as I had no time to prepare

7: Georgi tries to make me speak on it, I stay firm in not fumbling like an idiot, she then gives a frustrated sigh and gives up

8: I get up and say “There was a little mix up and I will just be reading the mutual theme for you”

So I read the theme and after the event was thanked by the leaders for being so “adaptable”. Honestly I was angry and upset, all I wanted to do was go home and cry. But I stayed and chatted for a minute until me and Georgi had a slight altercation. It all started when we were talking to the new girl about how quick she got her young women’s stuff done (and she’s only 14).

1:I jokingly said “Well I get to subtract two years so technically i’m only 15”

2: Georgi says “Then I get to subtract three years”

3: I say ” I actually have a reason to since I was blind and deaf for two years”

4: To which she says “no you weren’t” (I have told her about this before)

5: I say “yes I freaking was, I’m a medical miracle”

6: a little more back and forth of her saying i’m not and me admittedly saying uh yeah I am.

7: Georgi say “Well you should have stayed blind and deaf” Her and the girls chuckle

8:I rebuttal with “and that is why we aren’t friends anymore”

I then start to walk a way and she says “Goodbye Serena, love ya” I just say bye and walk out. I told my step-dad that I was going home and then I ran to my mom and just bawled. My mom then insisted I go back up and speak with our bishop. Which did end up happening and I will put that in Georgina Part 3. I really hate thinking about this, it’s almost been two weeks and it’s been super hard. Georgi pretends like nothing happened and makes me feel horrible. This may seem rather tame, but it really hurt and it hurt even more when I had to confront her. She is a bully, but she is two faced and backhanded with her bullying. I have to deal with it for now, but after girls camp I will step down from being her counselor in the Laurel presidency and I will go to relief society instead. I love church and I am not going to let her take it away from me.


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