Extra Info (Background)

Before I can start adding more entry’s I need to introduce some people I haven’t written about yet. Then I will try to update what has happened the past weeks.

First of all another big family moved into our ward a little while ago, they have nine kids and the mom is pregnant with her 10th. I haven’t picked out names for all of them, so for now i’m only going to be talking about the three closet to me in age. Helaman is their third oldest and he is a year younger than me so he is only 16, Next in line is Valerie and she is 14, last one for now is Byron he is 12 and they are the ones I actually hang out with from the family.

The girls that went to camp with me were Bailey (13), and Eliza (11)  from the beehives. Miamaids were Jocelyn (14), Mya (14), Arya (14), some of them are almost 15. Laurels Me, Georgina (17), Hazel (16), Madilynn (16). And then the leaders names are Nova, Cheryl, Keira, Macy, Tessa, and Adelynn. However Macy and Tessa only came for one day.

Each of these girls have their own unique problems that I found out about this week or for some I already knew. I’ll give a little chart.

Bailey: Comes from a very messed up family her mom is all over the place, and I believe she is a drug addict (I could be wrong). She is living with her grandma Macy.

Jocelyn: Creates a lot of rumors and lies a lot, I think she does it for the attention. i know her parents are separated, but I don’t know a whole lot about the situation because I don’t know when she is telling the truth.

Mya: She is Georgina’s little sister, and they are very different from each other. Mya has gone through a lot with friends since she was considered rather popular.

Valerie: Is kind of a closed book, she doesn’t say a lot about herself. But she is in a big family, and they traveled and moved a lot.

Eliza: Isn’t quite in young women’s yet, but she seems like a really sweet little girl.

Hazel: Her family goes in and out of activity in the church, which is hard for her. But most concerning was she couldn’t keep food down. She’s not bulimic, and she is really scared because she doesn’t know what’s going on with her own body.

Arya: Her and her brother were adopted when they were very young. She is African American, and she has struggled with mental issues such as anorexia.

Madilynn: Has many health issues, I don’t know all of them but I do know some she has dealt with. She has had ovarian cyst, asthma, severe allergies, and she has to get hip surgery. The doctors are still finding more things wrong, so we all worry about her.

And that’s all I think you need to know for now. I will try to write this week, but I have EFY so I will be gone all week.


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