Girls Camp (Day One)

I know I said I would write a part three to the Georgina story, but I just got back from camp and will write what happened there first.

June 12:

I woke up at 4 so I could shower before heading over to the church at 5. When I got to the church Mya braided my hair while we waited for all the wards to show up; we probably didn’t leave until practically 6. The bus ride was hard; the girls behind me had elbowed me in the head, pushed down on my head, and pulled my hair. They didn’t apologize, all I could hear from them was giggling. I just started my period so i’m already in an agitated mood having these girls around just made it worse. I think we shared a bus with 2nd ward and Howell, they were loud and you could tell the bus driver was miffed. At one point they even blew up a balloon and started tossing it around, so of course it went out the driver’s window and he then yelled at all of us (I had no part in it). After almost 3 hours in the bus with these girls we finally made it to our campsite; however our bags had not arrived yet. Which meant we had to just wait around until it got there, after an hour our stuff showed up and we had to carry it all up the hill to our cabin. We are so high up in the mountains as we were getting settled in it started to snow, that escalated into a blizzard. In the blizzard they had us sit in the pavilion for an hour just so the stake YCL’s could introduce themselves. Maybe I would have been fine with it if I hadn’t found one of the girl’s jokes to be offensive. It went like this: “Knock, Knock” “who’s there?” “Jesus” there was an awkward pause then one of the other YCL’s said “Jesus who?” to which she continued “Aren’t you going to let Him in?”. This was disrespectful to the Lord and to all of the girls. I actually said loudly “That’s borderline sacrilegious!” I believe strongly that you don’t put our Savior in jokes, as He deserves the highest respect; to me the end of the joke was also about persecuting others and the choices they might make. This ended up bothering me the whole day, but we had left to our cabins around 12. And because lunch was late we decorated water bottles and napped. I would guess we ate a little bit before 2 and then we all took naps. I probably slept for two hours since Cheryl woke us all up at 4, thinking we all had somewhere to be. It ended up being she was the only one who had somewhere to be at 5, so some of us girls played dare uno, dirty uno, catch phrase and down by the banks. A little after 5 we had dinner (I had gotten kind of nauseous) but they did give us desserts. After dinner we ran our treat to our secret ward, and played a pictionary type game Nova had set up. We finished playing close to 10pm which meant it was time to brush teeth and get ready for bed. 11 is lights out and Keira is going to read the Christmas scripture to us real quick.


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