Girl’s Camp (Day Two:Part One)

June 13:

Cheryl woke us up at 6:30 this morning because we had a flag ceremony at 7. After that we had breakfast and were talked to about what we would be doing for the day. We had the obstacle course and lake hike on the schedule today. Once we had gotten breakfast we went to the obstacle course where plenty of activities were prepared for us. First we did a log challenge where five of us had to balance a log that was like a see-saw; when it was balanced we had to sing a song and then maneuver our way down the log past the other people. Second we had to climb an army wall; once you had made it over the wall you couldn’t help the others. However two people could be at the top to pull you up, so we started with Bailey and Georgina boasting us up. Unfortunately we didn’t get everyone over the wall, and when I was getting boasted up I slipped (since it was wet from the snow) and they just kept pushing so i couldn’t really get my feet placed, so i had to rely on the girls pulling me up. Third we were split in half (except me I became a spare) the first half was blindfolded, and the others were their voices. The goal was to wack on of the girls with a pool noodle so they could be it. You had to listen carefully so you could hear the voice of the girl that was guiding you. I got to be one of the voices which was fun, but before I got a turn with being blindfolded it was time to rotate. Fourth was some sort of weird traffic jam, tricky circle game; we never figured it out so i can’t explain it. Fifth we had the zipline, first we had to climb our way to it. There a tall wooden pole that had small metal bars poking out of it, we were supposed use the metal bars to climb up it. Once you got 30 feet up you had to balance on a wire while jumping rope to rope. They do have you belayed, so if you fall they catch you with the rope. Now the wire part even though you know they will catch you, you can feel you’re legs wobbling the wire and it feels like you have no support. After walking the rope you stand on a small wooden post while a lady unhooks you from the be-layers and hooks you to the zipline. For a few seconds you aren’t strapped to anything, which freaked me out. As soon as you were hooked up to the zipline you had to jump from the post (30ft up), that was my favorite part though. As soon as you jump and the zipline catches you it becomes euphoric. Sixth we walked to the top of the hill to meet with my favorite person Jan. She had the most amazing activity set up for us. We were all handed blindfolds and asked to sit in the silence until they came to get us. When the came to you grab you they guided you with both hands to a piece of string; she told me someone would be at the end to welcome me back. As I was following the string I couldn’t hear much until I grabbed someones hand (I guess I was walking to fast) it was one of the other girls so i waited til I heard them walk away and then I continued. Eventually I hit a fork in the strings and I heard Jan whisper “Go Right”, I didn’t hear any other whispers until I got to the end and was welcomed back. Still with my blindfold on Jan told me I made it and said welcome home. This was such an amazing experience, of course we related it to being welcomed into heaven. But I soon found out that all the girls heard Jan say several things to them such as “Don’t let go” “Keep your guard up” and others. I was a bit confused as I only heard her once as I walking, yet all the other girls heard her several times. Seventh we went to Cheryl’s station which was shark island.We were supposed to grab the rop that was between the “ship wreck” where we were standing, and the “island” a mat a few feet away. So trying to be innovative we used our jackets tied together to get it. Georgina went first and apparently hit her crotch on the rope, but when I went I jumped thinking my knees would land on the frisbee at the end of the rope. I was mistaken, my knees hit the ground hard and skidded. If you touched the ground you had to restart, so i did; when I go to the “island” Georgina was whinning saying she hit her “nuts” Which angered me and I just thought oh Boo-Freaking-Hoo! I mean I had just crushed my knees, but poor her slammed her crotch into the rope. But that was the last course we had to do so we just waited for our leaders who were doing the zipline to finish and we headed back to the cabin.


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