Update & Weird Dream

I have been really depressed for awhile now with the drama between my church and friends, plus thinking I was losing my sister in law. But I have good news, they discharged my sister from the hospital and the final diagnosis was less life threatening than they had originally thought. Hopefully I will be able to post all the stuff from last month soon, plus new posts! For now I’m just going to give a short summary of the weird dream I had the other night. I’m not sure if I have written about this yet, but for the past year I have been having weirdly vivid dreams that are either horrifying or super odd. So about two nights ago I had a dream with Georgina and Mya in it. I don’t remember all of it and I’m not very good at describing my dreams but I will give it a shot. In the beginning I was in an old fashioned truck with a man; I don’t remember his face, but someone in the dream said he looked like Vin Diesel. We were following Georgina and Mya up a steep hill to go watch fireworks, the road was winding and at one point went under a long tunnel. The next the part of the dream went by in a flash: fireworks, the winding road, coming out of the tunnel. As soon as we started to come out of the tunnel we noticed everything was up in flames; our first thought was the fireworks started it. Me and this man stepped out of the car to analyse the area, as we were standing on the dry yellow grass we saw the true cause of the fires. The man was rushing to get me back in the car, but I ended up tripping and a small trail of lighting sparked through the grass and went straight to my knee. This man promptly picked me up and was frantically asking if I was alright; It burned, yet I felt fine after we started to drive away. Before when we had stopped, Georgina speed off and left us behind. With how much of the road had been destroyed we had to turn around and go back up the windy hill. I don’t exactly remember a lot of this next part except holding on to this man as he sped to find a place for us to stay. After finding somewhere willing to take us, we went for a walk. This place was like walking straight into a fantasy book; the stars in the sky were almost the size ย of the moon and the light they gave off was dazzling, and the solar color fell right on you. We were walking through a swamp area that had the type of tree vines you would see in a rain forest, and the bridge across the oddly sparkling swamp water was a spherical bridge built from the vines being entangled together. During this walk the man left me and I was alone for most of my dream. The place I ending up staying at turned into a nightmare. An older woman ran a ghostly orphanage and had roped me into taking care of the kids. This place seemed unnatural and gave off an eerie vibe. The reason this woman had a hold on me was because of the cats in the house, there had to be 10 or more cats and every time I left the house or attempted to escape a cats paw would break or its tail and I could hear them shriek in pain. The old woman warned me that if i left all the cats would die. I had given up on leaving and had become accustomed to taking care of the kids there. I was watching the kids (about seven of them), they were no older than 4, anyway somehow they had gotten into razors, scissors, knifes, if it was sharp they had it and I had to gather up all these sharp objects and dispose of them. As I was disposing of these items the man from earlier in my dream ran into the house and grabbed me and ran out of the house. I tried to fight him since I knew what would happen as he dragged me out of the house. I watched the cats one by one collapse and their paws twist in unimaginable ways. The man had to snap me out of my shocked state so I would get into the car, after getting in the cats disappeared and he told me it had all been fake. I don’t know what that house was but the last scene of my dream was being in the truck driving away from a rickety old house with the paint falling of the rotting wood.


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