Girls Camp (Summary)

For the rest of girls camp I had fun, but at the same time I was felt really trapped. At one point we were hiking to a lake and I was feeling really good (which is rare), so i was in front of everyone and was going too fast so I would stop and wait a lot of the time. The trail was narrow so you had to walk in a single file line, Georgina decided to pass everyone in line because they had stopped to wait for the slower ones. Because I was in front I started walking as well since I really didn’t want to walk with her, for me it felt like a scene from a horror movie. I was speed walking and I could hear her walking faster to catch up with me, so when i got to a fork in the trail I let her pass me and I went to the back of the group. Another incident was the stake girls camp volleyball game. Georgina plays highschool volleyball and so does Mya so they were competitive, and I am bad at sports. We were all taking turns playing and by the last game of the tournament I felt awful about myself and Georgina was obviously irritated with me so when Bailey was asking for someone to sub out I just switched with her. Which made everyone ask me “Why are you subbing out?” since I myself had just gotten back in the game. I remember Mya apologizing to me after the game, and there is just such a difference between her and her sister. When we had our testimony meeting of course the bishop came and sat with us. This was the hardest part of all of camp, every testimony was just praises to Georgina and the leaders. Which I know its really childish and dumb but that sucked to listen to. She had treated me so poorly and had complained about all she had to do, but no one else knew that. When I stood up i spoke about staying at my sister’s house last year and how when I came back I was lost; I had no friends, I lost my job, and I was behind in school. So it was a big deal for me to have the young women’s group, I opted to leave out the fact that it no longer was what I thought it was. I couldn’t stop bawling my eyes out during the whole thing. The bishop said a few things and I could tell he was speaking to me, I don’t remember what he had said; however the feeling that I got was that I wan’t trying hard enough, and it was just a squabble between friends. I learned a lot about the girls during this, and I really hope they felt my love for them. After we had ended the meeting the girls came up to hug me and several had mentioned that they had my back, and they knew stuff had been going on between me and Georgina. A lot more happened and a lot more things were said, but this has been one of the hardest experiences of my life. My leader Nova said some very sweet things about me, she had noticed that I had a lot of patience and I didn’t mind letting others go ahead of me or have first pick. I honestly didn’t think anyone had noticed that stuff and this was on of the highlights of camp. Just before we left camp I talked with someone from the stake presidency whom I’ve known for years. A prompting had lead me to tell him about my situation and seek his advice. After speaking with him I felt a little more comfortable with my choice to leave the Laurel presidency. on  the second Sunday we had had been back from camp the young women were asked to speak about it. I had been busy with efy, so i was unaware that they were speaking I was not informed or asked to speak. Out of nine girls they had 6 speak and all the leaders speak. The big kicker was that the leaders and the girls spoke about Georgina and praised her, saying “We were so lucky to have Georgina who took on not only being our stake YCL, but also our ward YCL”. If only one person had said this it wouldn’t have been as upsetting, they seemed to have forgotten that I had been chosen has the ward YCL and for some reason was just not given any responsibility. I know these are minor things but they hurt, and its not the first time they have just skimmed over me. I believe I already wrote about new beginnings and how they had a mix up with my talk. Camp was hell for me. Honestly I would stop going to church except I love it. I believe in the church not the people, they can treat me as bad as they want all i need to be there for is sacrament.


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