Georgina (Part Three)

In my last Georgina post I wrote about our big conflict that started a ton of drama. When I went to the bishop he had already grabbed her and pulled her into the office; she was bawling and looked way more upset than I did. During the meeting the bishop was trying to be objective, but I really was hoping he would have sided with me once he heard what had happened. He asked me to explain the situation and to the best of my ability I did and I also said if I get anything wrong Georgina can correct me…well…she didn’t and she also spinned it on me. I can’t say i’m perfect or blameless in our “friendship”; however, for most of it I felt like I was pushed to stand up for myself so I didn’t completely disappear from shrinking so small in her presence. Not knowing all the context the bishop pretty much just said friends fight and he hoped we wouldn’t let this tear us apart or distance us from the church. I was so upset that she was blubbering and wailing like some kid throwing a tantrum while i was silently letting the tears fall. The few things I remember her saying in between whines was “You hurt me too” “I know I didn’t have as many sisters as you, that doesn’t mean my life isn’t hard”. Now I never use anything I’ve been through to make others feel bad for me or feel bad about themselves, because people (like Georgina) have done that to me. In that moment I apologized to Georgina for anything I said or did that had hurt her, her response was a harsh i’m sorry too. More to the point of the fact she wasn’t sorry was she would not make eye contact with me, and when she did she look angry. A lot more happened in the meeting with the bishop, but its a lot to write, so i’m just going to leave it at this. I believe I mentioned in my last post about the bishop coming to girl’s camp. This made things even harder to explain to him. During my week of efy he wanted to have a meeting with me, I didn’t get home until ten. He didn’t want to wait until the next week. Missing the sleep I needed I met with him on I think Wednesday night. My mom had met with him earlier that day and luckily she told me that he had his doubts about the situation because of what I had said at girl’s camp. Yes I had said at the testimony meeting that Young Women’s had became the only thing I had to look forward to. I did leave out (because it would have been insensitive) that I felt like Georgina just ripped that away from me. That was the first thing I cleared up in the meeting and I also told him that I just couldn’t support someone that I felt wasn’t setting an example for the other girls. I said other stuff like “yes, I want out of the Presidency.” At the end of the meeting he granted my request to leave the presidency, it was probably very obvious how relieved I felt. I holding back happy tears and actually smiled. The bishop actually said something similar to “It’s nice to see you leave my office with a smile this time”. It was still very hard to go to church functions after the whole issue. But now I feel that things are starting to calm down, and I don’t feel super depressed around Georgina I’m actually have more rage instead of sadness. I’m very happy i’m no longer friends with her and feel very liberated that I have no ties with her; even though i’ll still see her at church functions I do not have to talk to her! Hopefully this my last post with Georgina in the title, as I will be keeping as much distance as possible! I’m not sure what my next post will be about, however you should stick around. I won’t blow up your notifications, but I like to think my chaotic life is worth reading. 🙂


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