Update & Weird Dream

I have been really depressed for awhile now with the drama between my church and friends, plus thinking I was losing my sister in law. But I have good news, they discharged my sister from the hospital and the final diagnosis was less life threatening than they had originally thought. Hopefully I will be able … More Update & Weird Dream


Recently my sister in law was life lighted, so I do not know when I will be able to write again. I know i’m already bad enough with my regular posts. As of now I am at home resting, because I am feeling sick; i’m really hating myself for not being helpful. I spent the … More Pause

Georgina (Part 2)

If you have read my other post, you should know that Georgi isn’t the best friend. Well at a recent church event I was supposed to talk about something and had prepared a short little talk, however when I got there I found out they had given my talk to someone else. This really sucked … More Georgina (Part 2)

More About Me

I’m going to share some stuff that is relevant to what I will be posting; stuff that people close to me know. First I will tell about my assaults, when I was 5 I got molested by brothers friend. I’m not going to tell the story, because I rather not talk about it in detail. … More More About Me

Georgina (Part 1)

So I haven’t been posting as much as I wanted to be. Recently a lot has happened, so I will start with telling you about Georgina. Georgina and I met in kindergarten, and were friends on and off through the past twelve years. I had a tough childhood, which at some point i’ll post about. … More Georgina (Part 1)